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Re: And the Swine Flu won’t go away

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  • Fri, Nov 06, 2009 - 01:10am

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    Re: And the Swine Flu won’t go away


Plague is a disease caused by the bacteria yersinia pestis.  It is transmitted by fleas. It is endemic in the american southwest where we see a few cases every year.  It produces toxins that inhibit coagulation in mammals (rats, humans, etc)  It can manifest as bubonic (lymph nodes infected and swollen), septicemic (bloodstream infection) or pneumonic (lung infection).  The lung infection is remarkable in that people with pneumonia can infect other people through droplets of mucous caused by coughing, and does not require the flea vector for transmission.

It can be treated by tetracycline type antibiotics.  This disease has been with us a long time and is very lethal, but unless you are living among a large number of infected fleas (usually infected after feeding on infected rats) you are probably safe.  Our sanitary conditions have improved remarkably since the middle ages when this disease killed millions.

This disease is nothing new and is about the same severity as when we close down a school for disinfection after a kid gets meningococcal meningitis.

It is not a good biological warfare agent, because it is difficult to transmit — kind of like anthrax which is very deadly but difficult to spread.  It requires very difficult to produce aerosols and powders to transmit in biologic warfare and is not generally transmitted from person to person.  But if you see the mosquito fogger or the crop duster tooling through your neighborhood in the dead of winter — sucks to be you.  sorry Cry


Got that, but it’s my understanding that the pneumonic plague is when YP goes pulmonary, and is droplet spread, and therefore more contagious, though certainly easier to contain than a virus. . .

Agreed that it probably makes a poor bioterror agent, in the sense of actually wiping out civilizations, but it still would be enough to cause panic and provide the rationale for martial law . . . which, I believe, may be the goal here . . . On my site there’s a post that includes the Ukrainian head of state calling for a whole new form of government . . . after we get through this tough epidemial patch . . . sounds like a coup d’etat, to me . . . .

But, then, I’m no longer the naive, trusting soul I used to be . . .