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Re: And the Swine Flu won’t go away

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  • Thu, Nov 05, 2009 - 05:17am

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    Re: And the Swine Flu won’t go away



I’m with you on this Cloudfire.  Here’s the latest from Dr. Niman.




Interesting. I hope this mutant of H1N1 has the current H1N1 antigens, otherwise we will not be protected bu the vaccine or disease. It is fairly easy to mutate flu by infecting egg yolks with 2 different varieties getting both the original varieties and hybrids.

Maybe start a new thread?  This one is getting too long for a new subscriber to want to keep up with.


I fully agree on the mutant/recombinant question . . . It’s highly questionable whether the vaccine would protect against a mutated virus. 

Personally, I’d rather keep this thread going.  That way, it’s easier for a new visitor to find all of the relevant data in one place.  If we start a new thread, it will lack the context that this one provides.  New subscribers always have the option of starting here, or digging through past posts.