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Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America

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  • Sun, Jun 21, 2009 - 06:58am

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    Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America


Jerry, I went to uour link and nowhere does it say the oceans wouldn’t rise an inch in the event of all the ice sheets on Earth melting…..  in fact, I would venture to say NOAA would TOTALLY disagree with you!

Now, if a barrel is 35" tall, and the melted ice is causing a rise of 0.7", then the barrel’s water level will have risen 2%, and as the oceans are very deep, I suspect that 2% of very deep is a VERY BIG PROBLEM…….

If the barrel level can rise 0.7", then I put it to you that saying the oceans not rising an inch is, well……  like I said, CLAPTRAP!  I think if the barrel can go up ~ 3/4 inch, the oceans will go up many inches…..  in proportions to the barrel height, ie many many orders of magnitude higher.



Mike, do you understand scientific models? I did not say that NOAA suggested anything would rise or fall in any scenario. I simply used their math to construct a model from which we can draw scientific conclusions. That’s done all the time in science.

And yes, the barrel rose about 2%. Yet that 2% represents less than an inch of rise in the oceans. And no, the oceans are just proportionally bigger than the barrel, the math is the same and the increase proportionally the same. The percentage rise and the rise in height (.7 inch) are exactly the same. That is just math, I didn’t invent it.

Call it claptrap all you want, but unless you can refute the science and the math, you lose the argument. Grandstanding, hand wringing and nashing of teeth don’t cut buttermilk in scientific discourse.