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Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America

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  • Mon, Jun 15, 2009 - 08:35pm

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    Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America

Jerry, if you would like to see what the solar cycle length data from the graph you posted actually looks like (when it is not being abused) you can see it here:


It is not a graph of solar output or energy – just a plot of the varying length of the sunspot cycle with some important bits omitted.

CO2, nitrogen, sulphur, iron, etc are all important elements/compounds in the grand bio-geochemical cycles on earth. Nitrogen makes up the largest proportion of our atmosphere and is a critical element in fertilizer – but atmospheric nitrogen is not available to most plants. Only certain classes of plants and microbes can "fix" atmospheric nitrogen and make it available for its fertilizing role. (lightning can do this too). Nitrogen fertilizer is a critical element in industrial agriculture – without it nitrogen in the soil would quickly be depleted by typical modern farming practices. Yet Nitrogen is also one of the biggest pollutants in runnoff from agricultural land. Fertilizer? Pollutant? Inert gas? It depends, as it does with CO2 and most other things. Physical/geochemical processes tend to spread out, dilute, and inactivate concentrations of active/reactive elements that the biosphere and life, by its nature, concentrates. High concentrations of most of these same elements are poisonous to life.

Please don’t over simplify, distort, and misrepresent basic, well understood science. Its not becomming.

Your post is rather long and I don’t have time for a point-by-point. It is a rich target however – later perhaps.