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Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America

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  • Mon, Jun 15, 2009 - 07:11am

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    Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America

Eye Doc, you remind me of my business partner when we get into certain situations. We cannot look at one another or we will both start giggling……….:-)


I think the flaw in that logic is that evaporation only takes place from the surface of the water and the surface area stays nearly the same even though there is more volume of water, so no more snow as you suggest — sorry


But Jim,

I have already posted the scientific evidence that Antarctic ice has been growing since the 1970s; more than enough to make up for all the melting ice from both poles and all the glaciers in the world. In fact, that chart I posted was taken from satellite data ever since we have had a satellite watching it. It’s just a fact that the ice is growing and dramatically so the way I interpret the data. This fact begs a couple of questions from you:

Is there a god somewhere making more water on a yearly basis; are little purple pixie fairies living in my underwear drawer standing at the South pole with a water hose spraying the polar cap all winter? I’m not trying to be a smarta*s, just attacking your logic a bit.

Why not let’s just use common sense and stick with science. New water to increase that ice mass is not being created by cartoon characters or divine beings or from anywhere. It is being evaporated from the oceans into the atmosphere. That is the only place possible that it could be coming from.

And If new ice at that pole is being created from snowfall, there is no other logical explanation other than it must be coming from surface water that is decreasing in volume.

Islands cannot be sinking, they must rise if we entertain a global warming/scenario as cause/effect in that vein.