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Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America

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  • Tue, Jun 23, 2009 - 01:05am

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    Re: Agenda 21; The Wrenching Transformation of America


Ok I’m going to come clean and tell you what I think, which is that I do think we’re going through a period of climate change, why is not relevant, and I also don’t think knee-jerk "taxation’ or bans, or edicts are going to have any meaningful impact on the climate change. If we did this, it’s too late, once a system of the magnitude of the earth starts to shift one way, its going to continue for some time, and if we didn’t then the actions are unlikely to change the direction.

Is it getting warmer, or colder, that’s yet to be determined, climate cycles are long term measures and 30 years, is a few data points, but not yet enough to know whether it will ultimately lead to an extended period of warming, or cooling. Indeed certain aspects of warming can create the conditions that cause extremely rapid cooling, for instance desalination of the oceans ()from freshwater entering the oceans from melting ice), that would affect the ocean currents, leading to the warm currents moving south and the Pac-NW, and Europe cooling much more rapidly after a period of warming. It’s one theory in the climate change book of ideas, only time will tell whether it happens or not. we also know that there was an increase in temperatures prior to the Pleistocene Glaciation, which we might also be experiencing a repeat of, or it could be more like the Pliocene, where we know that Antarctica had actual land and vegetation growth.

All I can say is that from my anecdotal experience there is something up with the weather I’ve been experiencing over the course of my life, it’s not consistent, and it’s all point observations, hardly quantative analysis. How it will turn out I don’t know, but that’s the fun thing about life, if you live long enough you’ll find out, if you don’t then there’s nothing to worry about.