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Re: A plan

  • Thu, Jun 11, 2009 - 12:04am

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    Re: A plan

I hadn’t given all this economic stuff much thought before running into the Crash Course….  I mean I knew it could not go on, but not why, or at least precisely why, as I now do.  I’m a Peak Oil and Limits to Growth man myself, not an economist or share trader!.  However, one of the things that the CC did for me was demonstrate that the current debts are not only not repayable, they will NEVER be repaid….  because of PO and LtG.  It will be impossible to grow the economy exponentially with ever harder/near impossible resource extraction rates to do it with.

Now I realise that TPTB are not acknoweldging this (understatement plus!) but if the debts can never be repaid, why bother making payments now?

As those of you who’ve been here a while know, I advocate debt cancelation.  ALL debts, no ifs no buts.

THEN we could concentrate on the new world order TPTB don’t want, a sustainable zero growth world order.

There’s going to be a lot of chaos between now and then.  AFAIC, debtd cancelation is 100% inevitable, as sure as the sun will rise in the East tomorrow… so creating chaos by not servicing debts to force the issue is a non event.  We need to force the issue, we need critical mass to do this.

As I have often said in the past on this site, we have enough cars to last until the oil runs out, so all the bankrupt car companies should be converted to manufacturing sustainable energy technologies, schools should stop teaching business and teach Permaculture/sustainable farming/agriculture instead.

This can only happen if we cancel the debts.  THEN we can restructure society.