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Re: 9/11 WTC explosives – not a conspiracy theory

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  • Mon, May 04, 2009 - 07:24pm

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    Re: 9/11 WTC explosives – not a conspiracy theory

"Redpoe isn’t under the illusion that there are threads that are useful here, just the ones that are becoming so prominent as to reduce the site to a sham…"


We can discuss this.

I don’t feel there are any thriving threads on here that detract from the site. Yes, there are a few started, but they never get many posts or someone justs calls out the poster and that thread is done.

If this is to be a community, then people living in this virtual community will have very diverse interests and opinions. I won’t share some of them and I probably won’t be posting in those threads.

Some on here like to debate issues when disagreement arises. There is nothing wrong with that as both sides will usually contribute ideas to the debate that people, including the debators, learn from. And I have discovered that almost all the posters in here are self-moderating. Seldom do we even hear from the moderators as we all know where that fine line is between healthy debate and personal insult. That’s the way it is done in the real world, why should it be any different in here?

I think the Martenson Community is designed well and provides an opportunity for everyone to interact with others that share similar beliefs about the 3 Es.

But should EVERY thread ONLY discuss the 3 Es? No, I don’t think so, what a boring community that would be. I have seen many people come into a thread and rather than contribute to it, state something to the effect that they don’t want to talk about that. I have to ask myself if they don’t want to discuss that subject what the heck are they doing posting in that thread…LOL

Many times they comment about tending to their gardens or chickens or discussing their gardens or chickens.

Well, I live in a city and don’t have any chickens or a garden.

Knowledge is power and when we reduce the subjects that people are allowed to discuss, we also reduce the knowledge that this site can convey.

So I would just ask those that find a thread disinteresting to post to one that they DO find interesting. Then, everyone is happy!

If I misunderstood you, then forget all of this…lol