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Re: 9/11 WTC explosives – not a conspiracy theory

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  • Mon, May 04, 2009 - 04:48pm

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    Re: 9/11 WTC explosives – not a conspiracy theory

For those of you who haven’t read the paper please take a few minutes to read what it has to say.  If I am to understand it correctly, this nano-thermitic material is highly complex to manufacture and the technology did not exist publicly prior to April 2000.  The material was found dispersed in four samples taken at different times from various locations throughout Manhattan.  This material has a lower burn point (flash point?) than regular commercial grade thermite and is still active several years later.  In the interview with Professor Harrit he suggest that the material could have been used along with other conventional explosive materials to bring about structural failure.  

If you read the paper, it will clear up many of the misconceptions of this thermitic material.  Several of the comments from the prior posts lead me to believe that not all that comment have read it.

For those of you interested in further investigation of this topic here are two interviews with the Danish Professor Niels H. Harrit who is a co-author of this paper.