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  • Sun, Jul 25, 2010 - 11:31am

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First, I can’t believe this has attracted so much attention.  Thanks for your comments.

Second, I definitely deserve all the flack I’m taking.  I’ve been idle too long.  On the other hand, every plan I’m able to generate requires money I do not have.  It’s fair to say this thread was placed looking for a “spoon-fed solution,” but I thought I might be missing something that someone else can see.  I clearly was!

Also, a bit of clarification – My family is not rich, quite the contrary actually.  They moved west because the taxes here were becoming prohibitively high.  And so my dad could hunt.  Because sitting in a tree and waiting for a deer to walk by is a lot of fun, I guess.

And yes, I teach rich high school students and various kinds of college students and adults to pass standardized tests.  Yes, most are spoiled brats, but you won’t find an easier, more flexible part-time job, and I’ve learned a lot about human nature doing it.  Observing people as a teacher means you see the process by which they do things, and that reveals who they are.

I’ll have to look into those 90K government jobs, but every one I’ve ever seen listed has many requirements and years of experience that I don’t have.  Working for a year would change everything for me!