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Rabbits and Mack Trucks.

  • Fri, Jan 10, 2014 - 09:54pm


    Arthur Robey

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    Rabbits and Mack Trucks.

I think people "get it" with regard to climate change. But this is the Roaring Twenties all over again. Intuitively they know, deep down in the still pools of their unconscious that there lurk monsters.

It is only a minority that can inspect these monsters. I believe that those of us who have a stronger Left Brain model-making lives are able to face them because we can set ourselves one step away from Reality. This is not a statement of superiority. Superiority is arbited by evolution.

Those folks who would rather party on, place more value in the here and now. They don't want Mother Grundy destroying their party by taking away the punch bowl.

But the truth is as Mark Cochrane says, our energy budget is out of whack. We are importing more energy than we are exporting.

I suspect that many of us here on this site are "guilty" of wishing the consequences of climate change away. For instance Dr Martenson might not want to go there because his survival capsule could be wiped out by the Climate Catastrophe.

My own plan of a yacht has some serious flaws too, and my own monster is called Paralyzing Fear. I must turn and face it, for there are three types of rabbit when caught in the glare of the big Mack truck.

Those who ignore the truck, those who stare at the headlights and those who make a run for the side of the road.

Will the rabbit make it? There are no guarantees.