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    Public Education


I leave my kids in school but if you are motivated theye are many homeschooling curicula available that are probably better for your kids than our current school system.  My opinion of our school system is that it is just to train our kids to get up on time, stand in line, and be good little consumers in order that, when they grow up they will be meek unquestioning workers.



Not to seemingly pick at everything you write… But perhaps I went to a different public school system. I actually learned art, math, biology, chemistry, physics, U.S. history, social studies, speech and debate, geography, economics, English, etc. (I never took an English class in college because I passed the Advanced Placement exam in English). I did well enough to be able to go to college and get a degree without having to first take any remedial classes.

I think school is what the government, teachers, the community, parents, and the kids themselves make of it. I know a lot of my fellow students were just clocking their time and they learned very little. But I think they (and their parents and perhaps some uninspired teachers) helped choose that outcome.

They say something like half of all college freshmen have to take remedial classes, and also that a lot of home schooled kids tend to do very well in tests. I personally like the “A Beka Book” math series.