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  • Tue, Jan 08, 2013 - 04:48pm



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I'm in the camp that believes that AJ is on the payroll of the NSA.  He brings up great points, and knows his stuff, but his demeanor, and actions show, he's a provocateur.  

Look at this interview.  Do you think normal people (normal meaning: Main Stream America, or the 50yo Middle Manager at a fortune 500 company, etc…) won't look at AJ and say "what a nut!"….or worse?

This little tyrade by AJ on the PMorgan show, works aggressively against the pro gun crowd.  Those normal people watched and said "Wow, if this nut case is allowed to have a gun, what next?"

And again, I believe this was a staged interview for the purpose of making the Pro Gun crowd look like nut cases….and they did a damn good job in that regard.