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hi  i just read your posts and i thought i would add my 2 cents.

i live in india half the year. i have electricity about 12 hours a day 

there is a schedule but not in stone. i have an invertor 

and batteries so i have power 24 hours. about 10 percent, and rising ,

of our electricity is from huge wind farms . amory lovins was here in ar.

in june and rmi is working on a lot of things energy wise. i think the estimates

for how long it could take are very pessimistic if we put our efforts into it. 

as long as the sheeple think we can be energy independent by drilling every other foot 

we are up the creek and yet no candidate no politician has come out and told the truth about 

peak oil. 

instead of the idiotic wars over oil we should be taking that money and investing in 

solar and wind and other renewables. but deploying on a smaller scale.

bernie sanders introduced a bill in the senate to install 10 million solar panels on home and 

businesses in the next ten years. we can decentralize the grid thereby getting our electricity out of the hands of corporations and clean up the environment. we use the existing grid and self storage. net metering will enable us to sell it into the grid and a small amount can be deducted for grid maintenance.

google wade for more info on micropower which is growing by leaps and bounds. 

as far as frb i am against it. the amount of gold had nothing to do with the amount of money in circulation. as proven by degaulle. lincoln did very well financing   the war of aggression with greenbacks all you have to do is say this is what you pay your taxes with.  but hey i could be wrong . in any event paying exorbitant interest to a private bank to print our current money which is not backed by anything seems pretty stupid. it also makes a ntional debt a certainty and impossible to pay off.