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  • Thu, Jun 11, 2009 - 04:54pm

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Just a quick reminder-

Potatoes can be used for seed for about 2 years, but after that they seem to have blight problems. I once read where potatoes must be propogated in high altitudes.

Other stuff I will have:

Giant pumpkins for the seeds, many winter and summer squash. Aztec (Black) corn, Plants I can share: Chocolate mint (invasive if not grown in pots but I grow them in the paddock areas to chase bugs away and it definitely is a flea repellent). Purple, Yellow & green string beans, Edomone Soy beans, and the usual garden variety of beets, broccolli, cauliflour, cabbage and spinach. . oh and of course, zucchini up the wazzot.

We will also be grafting the earliest apple (Stellas) which are sweet, crisp and juicy. They mature in Late Sugust – Early Sept in Zone 4. These will be ready for sale in 2010 or 2011. We will be specializing in early producing fruit trees like plums, cherries and such.

I have wheat grasses, hull-less oats and bird seed to grow for feed availble (sunflowers, thistles, soybeans and corn are mixed and grown and harvested in bundles that we feed the birds). We do this with sweet potatoes and sugar beets – shred & dry for the goats too. We use it like most people do grain feedings and we have good hay for them and the birds.

I’m looking for water chestnut corms!