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PolyFace Farms

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    PolyFace Farms

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Poet, can you tell me any more about Polyface?


Organic sometimes isn’t far removed from fossil fuel intensive. Sometimes moreso than conventional. To get organic manure, it may need to be trucked in from a thousand miles further away than a more local source. Joel Salatin believes in being a localvore, growing locally and sustainably.

PolyFace Farms’ Principles (includes link to videos)

His best part is about being a “grass farmer” and how he puts cows in a pasture followed by chickens to root and forage afterwards, etc.

PolyFace Farms

Personally, I think aside from learning a few principles about running a business (i.e. minoring in business: especially basic accounting, cost accounting, inventory, supply chain logistics, and how to read financial statements) there really are a lot of people with business degrees out there…