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  • Wed, Nov 30, 2011 - 05:08pm

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I sent Dogs a PM thinking that he might like some seeds, but that was just this morning.


I moved in five plants that I dug up and put into 5 gallon buckets.  I have had some trouble adjusting the water level.  I have them under the grow light I use for seedlings and I may be running it more than they are used to.

However, near as I can tell the other four plants are producing the normal long sweet peppers, although the baseline one I brought in to work to compare to the hot one seems a little hotter than usual.

What all the people here are saying is that this pepper is the hottest they have ever seen.

Seeds of Change sells a "Ring of Fire Chile Pepper" that seems to look like the hot one, so I am leaning towards some contamination of my seep package with a few of the hot seeds.