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Partisan Posts

  • Mon, May 19, 2014 - 10:53am



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    Partisan Posts

Great list of 25 Chris. I forwarded it to my wife, who is making something of a specialty of such issues. And, yes, intentional disinformation appears to exist in a forum or two here on PP. That's easy to tell because this site is designed to sniff out intentional disinformation, while others are designed as conduits for it.

One thing that tickles my Spidey senses – particularly on this site – is the backing or attacking of any one political party. It's difficult for a poster here to maintain credibility while devoting hundreds of words to an attack that solely targets either Democrats or Republicans.

I think a core tenet here is that mainstream politics is leading us down the road to disaster.

We are at a fork in the road. Some out in the mainstream vehemently argue we turn right, while others vehemently argue we go left. I guess most readers of this site would point out that they are both wrong – instead of left or right, we have to back up, go cross-country, stop where we are, burrow underground, follow Arthur Robey to the high seas, track Wildlife Tracker's footsteps to our roots, or develop the healthy doubt of emotional bias espoused in the posts of DaveFairtex, PP's resident Dr. Spock.

Attacking Democrats solely, or attacking Republicans solely, is a dead give away.

Hrunner – You devoted plenty of words to blunders, incompetence and ill-will of the Democrats. I agree that voting for Obama, Hillary and the rest will lead our children, and even us, into a world of hurt. But such a lengthy, emotional reaction has to be accompanied by some level of conviction that Republicans are better.

Please explain how they will save us?