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  • Sun, Apr 10, 2016 - 06:57pm

    Luke Moffat

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    Outdoor Connections and Functionality – Video 3

Evening all,

An update of sorts.

I've managed to assemble the system outdoors without the moisture sensor attached so that it works from a switch but isn't yet automated. This was just to see if the concept works outdoors – i.e. can I move water from the butt to the soil with the pump with sufficient pressure to generate a 'sprinkler' effect. In short the answer is 'yes'.

Here is how the setup currently looks;

How it's connected in brief;

Water is stored in the water butt and has an external tap which connects to the consumer unit (mid-right of photo attached to the wall) via a 13mm yellow hose. Inside the consumer unit is a solenoid valve which passes water from the water butt to the pump via 10mm hose (also inside the consumer unit). Water then flows from the pump back outside to the raised beds via a 10mm hose which then connects to a 2-way split feeding both yellow hoses in the beds which have been pierced using 1mm hoses to generate the 'sprinkler' effect. Both hoses are fitted with stoppers at the end to pressurise them.

Things to do moving forward;

  1. Seal the leaks at the 2-way split to maintain the pressure
  2. Connect the soil moisture sensor to make it automated
  3. Connect the solar panel to recharge the motorcycle battery
  4. Review water coverage and sensor placement

A word about the hoses and connections; I had intended to use 13mm diameter hose throughout but as the pump has 10mm connections it forced a a bit of a faff with connectors and hose attachments, perhaps getting a pump with 13mm hose connections may save a bit of money and not have the need to carry both 10mm and 13mm hose spares.

Anyway, the latest video is below;

Cheers Luke