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  • Sat, Mar 19, 2011 - 08:09am



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What are these people talking about ?

All this means is that the public employees that serve the people and are paid by the people are going to get the same deal as the people.

Why would it be any other way ?  I have a job.  I work at the whim of senior management.  I could be fired any second for any reason or no reason.  i pay 600 a month for my family’s medical insurance.  I have 401k but all monies that go in it I have to put in it – period.  I have to sign a paper every year that says I agree that if a girl goes to HR and makes basically any accusation against me that i will be fired instantly – period.  No questions asked. No investigation is promised, no nothing.  If I do not sign the paper I will be fired on the spot and we are clearly told so by legal and HR people standing there watching us sign the papers.  Typical American job.  I work like 50 to 60 hours a week with no overtime pay.

So what are these people talking about.  It is not financial martial law, it is called welcome to America.



Well, if you don’t like these “typical American job” conditions which don’t sound fair at all, maybe you should consider organizing a union… Wink