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October 2011 Dear

  • Wed, Oct 12, 2011 - 06:57pm

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    October 2011 Dear

October 2011

Dear Friends,

One of the beautiful aspects of the occupation is that it has brought people out into the open to talk about the issues. Everywhere we look right now as we gaze out at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC, people are engaged in conversations. Some are standing in groups, and some are sitting in circles in the assembly area or between the tents.

Throughout the day, people wander through Freedom Plaza to read the signs scattered about "Human Needs not Corporate Greed," "We are the 99% and so are you," and " Money for people, not for wars." 

This is the first step in this evolution to a more peaceful, just and sustainable planet. For too long we have been focused on divisions. Now we are finding what unites us.

Increasing numbers of people are becoming unemployed, uninsured, losing their homes or pensions or dignity. Students are dropping out of college due to cost or graduating with lifelong debt in a deteriorating job market. The days of sitting in silence and blaming ourselves for not working hard enough are over.

The first step in the process of change is awareness of the problem. We are encouraging all people to come out of their homes. Join us in the streets either through your local occupation or on the local playground. Talk to those around you. Talk about the way things are with increasing wealth disparity and poverty. Talk about the way you want things to be – a society based on openness, acceptance, honesty, transparency and kindness.

We invite you to join us in Freedom Plaza each evening during the General Assembly. It begins at 6:00 pm eastern time. You can join us in person or via livestream on the website. We are going to devote a portion of each meeting to a discussion of one of the fifteen issues and the solutions we would like to see.

The schedule is below. Join us, talk about it and share what you learn with your family, friends and colleagues. This is the first step in the nonviolent transformation of our country.

Wednesday, Oct. 12: Corporatism

Thursday, Oct. 13: Militarism and War

Friday, Oct. 14: Human Rights

Saturday, Oct. 15:Worker Rights and Jobs

Sunday, Oct. 16: Government

Monday, Oct. 17: Elections

Tuesday, Oct. 18: Criminal Justice and Prisons

Wednesday, Oct. 19: Healthcare

Thursday, Oct. 20: Education

Friday, Oct. 21:Housing

Saturday, Oct. 22: Environment

Sunday, Oct. 23: Finance and the Economy

Monday, Oct. 24: Media

Tuesday, Oct. 25: Food and Water

Wednesday, Oct. 26: Transportation

Now that we have a four month permit, we need donations to help sustain the community. Please see our wishlist online or make a donation if you are able.

In peace and solidarity,
The October2011 Movement