Not for lack of technology.. just for lack of scale

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  • Mon, Oct 18, 2021 - 08:15pm


    Jim H

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    Not for lack of technology.. just for lack of scale

Here is an electric scooter that can go 34 mph, travel 53 miles on the largest available battery, and cost $1699.  This price does not seem unreasonable for such a device given the cost of other things.  It can go almost as far as my 2013 Nissan Leaf with slightly degraded battery (10/12 bars remaining).


Like anything, the price could come down with volume.. although the high demand for batteries probably sets a floor as far as that is concerned.  There is nothing stopping technology from progressing when it comes to electric scooters.  Tesla cars are more desirable than most gas cars.  Nothing holds Elon Musk back.  He was actually a pioneer in terms of scaling Silicon Carbide-based power chips in the model 3 – in other words he was/is driving technology forward;

The Tesla Model 3 is driving the chip industry’s transition into the post-silicon age

When it comes to a more substantial scooter like a Honda 125 cc cub… it would be hard to beat the versatility and overall economy with electric.. people can actually get up to 150 mpg with these things.  Once supercharger access is built out in a country like Taiwan, I would think the opportunity would arise for something akin to an electric Honda Supercub to exist.. and hence it will.