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Nope, not even close….

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  • Sun, Mar 27, 2011 - 03:25pm



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    Nope, not even close….



ok dogs.  you mean like the computer in which you are using that was created from someone’s technical ability which fulfilled a person self actualization that gave you the ability to talk to people form all over the world. 

Self Actualization is the motive to realize one’s full potential.  Tesla, Gates, Jobs, The Wright Brothers and so on…all contributed a technical ability for self actualization.  


Nope, I mean self actualization as in realization of one’s morality, creativity, lack of prejudice and universal mutual respect.  The manner in which people realize their self actualization is part of their human process, influenced by interaction with other HUMAN processes.

And that cannot be delivered by a magic machine programmed or designed by another flawed human being.