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“My Wife Just Doesn’t Get it” – THE SCREENPLAY :o)

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  • Wed, Apr 27, 2011 - 12:36am



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    “My Wife Just Doesn’t Get it” – THE SCREENPLAY :o)

capesurvivor – reading your post made me realize that people in our situation have been given gift: a fantastic plot for an original novel or screenplay. Yes, as the saying goes. truth is stranger than fiction. “Accepting the award this year for original screenplay….”

In response to my wife’s recent statement, “You’re NOT storing any food  (number 10 cans) in our house” I recently came up with two possible plans: 1) Rent a space at a storage center in town. 2) Purchase a 20X20 steel container for storage of provisions on our property. Wouldn’t my wife just love to see a backhoe arriving to dig up our back yard for the container?! lol However, an amazing thing just happened, there has been ‘a change in the wind’ that illustrates that ‘money’ or ‘profit’ might be the way to a woman’s awareness. Reading the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article that outlined several red flags regarding silver bullion storage at an ETF that I purchased a few months ago. I read some of the key points to my wife and mentioned that I had made a good profit and that I planned to sell the ETF the next day. Out-of-the-blue my wife remarked, “You should use the proceeds to buy silver coins.” Bingo! My wife and I were now on the same page.

I attribute my wife’s improved perspective to the fact that by chance I heard an interview on Oprah Radio with Dr. Jon Kaby-Zinn regarding the topic of mindfulness. I mentioned this interview to my wife and I think that she sensed a slight change in my often-mentioned words about meditation that I think helped let her put down her defenses. Quit sait? The following are direct links to the two-part radio program: and   Main link with other options for downloading:                 

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