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  • Mon, Aug 24, 2009 - 07:51pm

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[quote=Full Moon]

C1   , 

 There is a young pregnant woman  that I know  her whole family  got the swine flu .   She was instructed not to take any meds  but ended up with the pneumonia and so  then had to take antibiotic .   Is there any natural way to help combat this or do we just Ride It Out ?     The stuff is getting rather close to home .

 Praise ,   She did not have to be hospitalized and seems to be in recovery !


Hi, Full Moon;

Of course, there’s no way to be sure of any method of combatting swine flu (including vaccines), as we have little experience with it.  Here’s what I’ve got on hand, just in case:

  • Supplies so that we can remain out of public places for several months.  This is the best preventative, in the event of a massive lethal epidemic, or in the event of forced vaccination.
  • Colloidal silver — I haven’t tried this, but I have heard some pretty good things about it from people with chronic immune problems, and chronic infections, such as lyme disease.  I don’t recall offhand if this is available to the public, generally, or only through licensed professionals.
  • Immunfactor 4 (Researched Nutritionals) — I haven’t used this specific product.    It is one of a series of products from this manufacturer that are designed to trigger the immune system to develop resistance to the target pathogens.  I have used one of the products in the series, with excellent results.  The Immunfactor 4 is targeted toward influenza (and a couple of other similar pathogens), so I have some of this on hand.  This can only be obtained through a licensed professional. 
  • I also have zinc and vitamins A & D on hand.
  • I will be putting up elderberry juice this week.  I have echinacea, astralagus, licorice, goldenseal, myrrh gum, licorice root, hawthorn berries, and red root on hand to beef up the immune system.  Of course, you know, from experience, that you’re unlikely to get the men to drink my concoction for infection unless they’re pretty miserable, Tongue out
  • I also have a stash of specific and broad spectrum antibiotics on hand, as a last resort, in the event of a severe secondary bacterial infection (so we don’t have to sit in the doctor’s office with other sick folks).

Of course the best preventative is keeping yourself well rested, well nourished, and within a reasonably healthy weight range.  I’m guessing that your family has better than average immune defenses because you’re eating a well-balanced diet, and your lifestyle is relatively toxin-free.  However, if you’ve got anybody in the family that you think is at risk, or you think that the risk of exposure is very high, you might consider using some of the nutritional supplements that will boost your immune system, or that are antibiotics in their own right. 

Hope this helps.