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Money is the only power in a world fueled by consumption.

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  • Wed, Jul 01, 2009 - 06:25am

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    Money is the only power in a world fueled by consumption.

I very much like this idea of a consumer moratorium to a certain extent. I will agree with Rog regarding dining out but sticking to local businesses that employ your neighbors and use local foodstuffs if possible.

I’ve mentioned it before on the threads but I strongly believe in the "Dollar Vote" system. I live it everyday.

Truth is that everytime one spends any amount of money (ie: consumes) it is a financial and moral endorsement of a product, service, company, and the methods used to produce that product or service.

Now of course this isn’t always easy and that is why one must make decisions on a daily basis. You can "vote strategically" everyday depending on what kind of world you hope for in regards to social justice, animal rights, environmental issues or whatever might be your priority or your voting power (ie: more wealth gives you the power to choose better products/services).

I have been an activist for years but I don’t go to protests in the streets because I don’t really think they’re all that effective. I think that the only thing that anybody listens to is money or violence and I don’t condone the latter. I feel that by living my life through a "Dollar Vote" system has so far been far more effective that simply going to the polls once every few years to vote for puppets I can’t relate with.

Now when it comes to making bigger changes within your government and holding some of these criminals accountable, I think Ron Paul’s approach of making the change from the inside a crucial element of such a movement. If you’re not happy with the cooks you might have to get in the kitchen.