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start a thing with those of us on this site, to stop, right now, in buying no new plastic. Start a thread to share alternates, and comisserate on the (hopefuly rare) failures….


we dont need any plastic garbage bags — zero. Try it we have for years.

Medical waste, even at home, is where we have trouble avoiding it

I do weekly litter patrol along an interstate highway.  The top items we pick up are aluminum cans, followed by plastic water bottles, plastic shopping bags and convenience store disposable cups.

It would be simple for people to eliminate most of this.  Filter your own water and drink it out of reusable bottles.  Carry your own reusable bags into stores, when you buy items.  Carry a reusable cup into a convenience store to use in lieu of the provided disposable cups.  Recycle your aluminum cans.

I stopped using disposable cups years ago.  I bring  my own.

Another word for convenience is laziness.