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minerals and mycorrhizae inoculants

  • Sun, Sep 25, 2011 - 04:56pm



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    minerals and mycorrhizae inoculants


Greetings All

This is a wonderful thread. I have followed off and on throughout the summer but missed any discussion of these terrifying little critters. I apologize I have had nothing to contribute and come asking for advice. It’s just that  White fly has decimated my nightshades this summer and my attempts at control (neem based insecticide and picking off infected leaves)  were useless……

Has anyone had success keeping these guys off your plants? I have a terrace garden and have gotten a surprisingly good yield from my peppers plants but these frightening little bugs really had a field day with my potatoes and tomatoes. If there is a thread on white fly here I cannot find it and would appreciate any links or advice.

In any event best to all and have a great weekend



I have no idea if what I’m recommending will be of direct benefit to you but I would consider looking at measures to increase your plants’ "immune system health" (and not being well trained in plant sciences, I know there’s probably a better term but I don’t know it).  This year we used sea minerals and our plants seemed more resistant to pests and disease than normal and their flavor was excellent, especially tomatoes.  We plan on using them again next year and also on using mycorrhizae innoculants.  I was reminded of the latter when reading an article in Smithsonian that mentioned Restoration Technologies International (whose website, unfortunately, seems to be under construction) and Holland’s Land O’ Giants and their use of mycorrhizae.  This particular product looks interesting but I still have to do more research before deciding what we’ll use next year.

Here’s a testing facility as well that may have some answers.