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I think you're the first generation to be fully cheated out of the American experience. 

Nothing of what made this country great was present for your upbringing. 
All you get was terror, bad music, worse movies and a totally broken value system, with some minor gains in resolving large scale bigotry, while trading individual and civil liberty under the pretense of security.

You're the unfortunate heirs to the Cold War leftovers; you get the War on Terror, a dramatic perpetuation of the same old, tired war drums that give a nice excuse for the ever-expanding debt balloon, and further incursions into the lives of the citizenry.

The economic powerhose that America was even ten years before has wained into a slump that rewards lethargy, makes business expensive to conduct and rewards massive conglomerates while punishing entrepreneurship. You've probably been subject to city ordinances that outlaw things like growing your own food or raising chickens, claiming that it could be hazardous to health, while packing kids full of perscription medicines, the worst quality of food possible and media that glorifies dereliction, irresponsibility, and sprinkles the two with sex and violence.

To make this worse, the previous generations completely misunderstand the circumstances and blame your generation for being lazy wastrels when you're faced with the prospect of a revolving door, minimum-wage job staffed entirely by the worst kinds of ass-kissing coworkers, living at home with little opportunity or selling drugs for way more money than you'd make in either of the previous options.

The good news is that the penal system will probably get it's claws into at some point, as lawmakers expand the definitions of "illegal" to include just about everything. The good news is the revenue generated goes to pay for more police to enforce weird, unnecessary laws.

Short answer is – you've inherited the worst parts of 60 years of American opulence, poorly planned and more poorly executed government programs and policy, and an international outlook that's increasingly disaffected with American primacy.