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Mechanical Scales, Valerian as a Muscle Relaxant

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  • Mon, Jul 06, 2009 - 05:51pm

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    Mechanical Scales, Valerian as a Muscle Relaxant



Thanks for posting this thread. I was considering scales this past weekend as regards the garden produce etc and voila!

Hope you recovery is swift on the lower back issue.



Hi, Coop;

Thanks!  I’m still not fully functional, but I’m on on the mend, and what’s even more important, I now feel that I have the tools to get the job done, thanks to the generosity of our expert members . . . almost makes me want to take back all of my grumbling . . . But anyway, thanks for the good wishes . . . .

When you buy your scale, check the specs to make sure it’s designed for the weight range you have in mind.  If you keep clicking on the item in that last website, you’ll finally get to a spec page. 


To Sager, and Anyone Else Who’s Interested;

Yes!  The valerian seems quite effective as a muscle relaxant, and with less sedative effect than the Flexeril.  This morning, after doing some of my PT assigned exercises to realign my sacrum, my back started to lock up again, quite painfully, and severely limiting my range of motion.  So, I made a cup of valerian tea (about a tablespoon of dried valerian root and about the same of chamomile flowers, to mask the "dirty socks" flavor of the valerian) and laid down, on the floor.  Soon, I drifted off to sleep . . . I woke up about 2 hours later, and voila!  I’m pain free, in a neutral position, and have significantly more range of motion than before lying down.  Yesterday, I got the same result with Flexeril (but not by laying down without any muscle relaxant), but with much more sedation . . . . With the Flexeril, I slept very groggily and aldo I feld mush betta wen I ged up, I washent good fer mush. 

So, valerian has now twice earned its place on my stock herb shelf.  I’ll be sleuthing out a seed source, so I can add it to my herb gardening.

And now, I’m going to at least go out and inspect the gardens . . . .