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Nedyne: Not only is the science clear that we do not need any animal products for optimal health (that includes all meats including fish, dairy and eggs), but also there is a growing balance of scientific evidence that shows the deleterious effects that animal products have on our health (and balance of evidences implies consideration of all valid evidence).

We’ve known since W. Prince back in the 1930’s that one can survive but never thrive without meat. This is old news. As we know from countless studies as well: there are no centenarians among vegetarians.

You can look at a human’s teeth and know immediately he needs meat to thrive; it’s how we’ve evolved. Just looking at the fossil record of hunter/gatherers vs farmers tells the tale. From teeth alone! The only animal to have rotting teeth in the fossil record is modern humans after agriculture. Oh, and their dogs.

I do agree the idea of a healthy life is counter to the whole “resources are running out” belief. But that’s a problem with false belief, not living right.