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  • Wed, Dec 14, 2011 - 03:27pm

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I have seen a couple of articles on the web saying that manufacturing companies can’t find people with the skill set to run their machines. One company is so bad off, they are starting a training/schooling section within the company.

Right now Boeing is desperate for people. I know for a fact they have recently hired several individuals without any background in aircraft maintenance (Seattle area). I was shocked. The thing about working for Boeing; you need to be a good money manager. Save, save, save when you have work, so when the pink slips are handed out, you have enough to get by on until the next contract comes up and Boeing calls you back to work.

The military can open doors too. A security clearance can do wonderful things. You also make connections that can land you a job after you separate from the military (my case). Not to mention, if you get in a good career field your skills can make you marketable as a civilian. I’ve seen it over and over…

I went to a private school for my B.A. and used all of the GI Bill and loans too. If I didn’t have school debts I would try to make it farming/working for me, even if it meant scaling back on everything.

Maybe this’ll give you a couple of ideas and places to look…..