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Mainstream media finally reports on sickened Gulf residents

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  • Sun, Apr 24, 2011 - 02:23pm



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    Mainstream media finally reports on sickened Gulf residents

Eric deCarbonnel at Market Skeptics, has coverage from multiple sources on illness in BP oil clean-up workers, Gulf coast residents, fishermen and their children at

As a parent -or more inclusively, as a human being who cares about others- the video clips are more than a little disturbing. 

Per one resident, a dad and clean-up worker being interviewed:

I was just doing what I love and what I was told was safe…Those son of a bitches said the beach was safe — Now my daughters have more toxins in their blood than cleanup worker”

Another father breaks down crying when he talks about his son being hospitalized 3 times since a trip to an Alabama Beach when they were spraying corexin, and how his boy is now suffering from massive kidney infections and kidney stones, and now lung infections.  The father sobs out loud, reflecting on how his son will never know what it is like [to live and fish on the coast of Alabama]..if he lives past the age of 10.

deCarobonnel ends with this summary:

The true size of the gulf health crisis is starting to get out. Too many people are sick and dying for this story to be ignored forever.

And once the truth gets out, it will have an economic impact, as it will undermine already shaky confidence in the government and economy.  [bold mine]

 Amen to that, brother.