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long term advice from Michael Belkin

  • Fri, Mar 25, 2016 - 05:22am



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    long term advice from Michael Belkin

So I listened to a KWN interview with Michael Belkin, who suggested buying gold stocks last November; I remember that interview, and of course in this one, Eric King gushed about how well the predictions had done.  Doubles and triples and whatnot.  The whole point being, KWN was offering a "special discount" to buy Belkin's "gold stock" newsletter: $900/year.  (What is Eric's cut?)  I was momentarily tempted, thinking "wow this Belkin fellow sure caught the turn in the miners, maybe he really is a genius."

Then I did a little searching, and I found this:

Turns out, Belkin also called the bottom on the miners back in July 2013.  That call didn't work out quite as well as this one.  You would have had to endure a 50% loss to capital, and you would just now be back to even had you followed his advice back in 2013.

So – I think Belkin is a smart guy, and he may even be right this time around, but – again I renew my call for a "review board" on people who give advice.  What did they say, and how did it turn out?

Here's the interview – along with your "discount code" for the $900/year newsletter: