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Lifestyle in Thailand

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    Lifestyle in Thailand

Hello Peter,

I commend you on transitioning from the commuting/computing/consuming lifestyle in Bangkok to a a more agrarian and family-focused homesteading lifestyle.  I have been to Chiang Rai and rode a rented bicycle through along pineapple fields and banana plots. What a beautiful country, and so agriculturally productive.  (I live in the high mountains in the arid western US – Colorado – where we have to work a bit harder to coax our crops to thrive).

Your future lifestyle may look different from mine, but the common thread can be found on this website.  Energy will be less available.  Community and people will be more important in coming decades than in recent decades.  We will revert to many of the old ways, while having the luxury of some new technology and knowledge. 

Consider long-term energy availability in every choice you make.  Buy a car or buy an electric scooter or go by bicycle?  Live close to work, or close to your land?  Buy gold now, or buy solar panels?

As you plan your homestead, take a look at the "old ways" around you.  How did the oldtimers manage heat and shade?  How did they deal with water and drainage?  What did they plant?  How did they store food?  How did they ferment food for storage and maintaining the health of their gut microbiome?  How did they stay warm – or cool – without electricity?

For example, my 100-year old house (which we have remodeled with double-pained windows, more insulation, and solar roof) is passive solar design!  The old timers knew to put many large windows on the south side, with beautiful views and lots of light for the kitchen & dining room & living room.  They put the bedrooms and bathroom (toilet) on the north side of the house, with a few small windows.   I did not realize the significance until we spent our first winter in the house, 7 years ago.  The 100-year old passive solar design works!  Our solar gain on -20 deg F days is astonishing. 

So, pay attention to what the old timers have built, and what the locals say.  Question and ask why.  Don't believe everything you hear, but listen to the simplest of folk and there may be knowledge that our computer-culture does not remember. 

And love your family.  Isn't that what life is for – now, in the past, and in the future? 

Best of luck to you in your new lifestyle.