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I watched the school video.  Once you start it is hard to stop.  Yep – one section of the video was about Kansas City when I used to live there.  It was amazing what happened.  A Federal judge decided that the inner city black schools had very poor standardized test results compared to the suburb schools because they were not funded as will..  They started confiscating part of the property taxes from the suburbs and giving it to the inner city schools.  They spent 2 billion dollars in just a few years and the test scores are even worse than they were before the spending started.  It is shocking.  In the meantime, a bunch of people took it to the supreme court and it turned out to be unconstitutional to take people’s property taxes and redistribute them willy nilly.  There are many examples of school failures with huge funding.  It is not about money.  It is about people.  Kansas City is a terrible place.  It is a huge city jammed full of trash.  It is the meth capital of the world.  There is so much crime the police are simply over whelmed.  Stealing is a way of life.  Back to schools –

If you do not know who you Dad is, and your Mom doesn’t work and just gets wasted every day, and nobody makes you do anything then you go bad.  it is not money, it is not the school, I am not even sure it is the teachers (although they hold some responsibility for sure), it is the people.  The parents and the system.  We were not allowed to misbehave in school.  If you were disruptive you were removed.  Your parents were called to come pick you up.  If you were disruptive a few times you were permanently removed.  The entire standard has been lowered.  Liberalism is directly at fault here.  Permissive views have allowed discipline to go off the rails and now we are in trouble.

Kids in other countries are not smarter than our kids.  Our kids are just not required to perform.  A massive (and growing) welfare state has applied liberal ethics to our kids and now practically every civilized country in earth has better schools than we do.

We need a crack down on useless teachers, schools, and school discipline in general.  The unions just keep demanding more and more money with less and less results.  The unions are keeping us from finding and removing the poor teachers.  Yet another reason we need to remove unions from the government.