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Let’s hear it for the Stone Age……….

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  • Mon, Mar 28, 2011 - 03:03pm



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    Let’s hear it for the Stone Age……….


Again I was not talking about the wage slave person making your computer, and how do you know it was not made by a machine that was working for free as opposed to .17 – .40 an hr?  Let’s say it was made by a person, that is what the monetary system produces.

Ok Dogs if you want to keep things from being automated then you want society to move back to the stone age and not advance. 


Yes you were talking about the person who made my computer.  Read your post again – “….through someone’s self actualization to make a computer….”.  Someone’s, not something’s……….

Society is moving back to the Stone Age – or more correctly, the Stone Age is moving towards us.  No manifestation of a RBE or TVP SKYNET, with or without Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is going to prevent that.  Mitigation is no better as it only kicks the can down the road.

RBE and TVP do nothing to address lowering the demand signal, only optimum allocation of what resources there are.  Streamlining existing processes to increase efficiencies and optimize the balance of automation and manual input  – in a resource constrained environment, without solving the mismatch between supply and demand – is like pouring a bottle of Chanel #5 on a cow pie.  It will smell good for awhile, but it’s still a cow turd.

If RBE and TVP can resolve the mismatch between the exponentially dwindling supply input and the exponentially growing demand signal it might be viable.  In its current form all it does is knock a couple of rough edges off existing methodology – a methodology already proven to be fatally flawed.

Or do we let the machines and programmers decide who gets sent to Carousel?  Automatically……..