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Leaving California

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  • Thu, May 14, 2015 - 03:47am



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    Leaving California

ain't as easy as loading up the truck and heading out. 

I've thought about it a lot. I've looked at areas where I have some family like Kansas City and Santa Fe. But Santa Fe is dry too and Kansas City, well it's Kansas City wink

Then there is the fact that my music school is still chugging along and my wife's job is still chugging along and we're a few miles from the beach and we see friends leave for other states and half of them come back, usually due to weather. Throw in that the majority of my family and my wife's family live nearby and I'm pushing 60 so I'm not exactly in the homesteading frame of mind.

As far as water is concerned, it's not looking good and it's bound to get worse.

Still in San Diego County, where I'm at, I see the golf courses are still green. Therefore we do have some things that can be cut back on before water starts getting rationed to 10 gallons a day per person or whatever ends up happening. And if that happens we're all going to smell bad so we'll probably get used to it.

I already let the lawn die and we do the 5 minute shower thing, and as time goes on we can make other adjustments, as every one of you will have to adjust to what lies ahead for your area.

So we're going to stick it out here contending with taxes and the Socialists. We'll try to fly under the radar so they don't banish us. 

Sometimes you just have to make a stand and ride it out. I'd rather go down swinging in ol' Cal-ee-forn-eye-aye with my family nearby than escape to some paradise (where you are) without them.

So yeah, don't worry about us. Sorry, got to run. Surf's up! cool