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Leave it to DaveF….

  • Sat, Dec 21, 2013 - 05:00pm


    Jim H

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    Leave it to DaveF….

He can show you that all that printing actually amounts to almost nothing!  No problem at all!  Forget that the national debt, which will fall on the shoulders of our children, is now past 100% of GDP and growing at $1T per year.  The debt doesn't matter, because we are the USA… and our credit card limit is huge and we get a teaser rate of like 2% that never will expire!  The above post is PROPAGANDA.   

The printing has certainly not resulted in a spate of fractionally reserved mainstreet lending/money mutiplication.. that is true… but it has enabled our Gov't to be the borrower and spender of last resort, keeping the economy afloat and the banks healthy.  It has become a form of heroin that the economy is completely dependent on… there will be no way to get off of it, unless we get a huge dose of healthy, organic growth.. maybe due to the discovery of free energy!  Otherwise, we can keep playing these games until we can't anymore.  

If you are reading this, please understand that DaveF is here to play a role… his role is as a calming force in a place where many very intelligent thought leaders converse about our predicament.  He plays this role VERY WELL.  He can create a construct, as above, to help convince you that years of QE printing have amounted to almost nothing – see – the chart is right there.. how can you argue?  He can create a construct to show you that a negative GOFO, a rare event that signals Gold loaned will yield more than dollars loaned.. and which most pundits associate with a shortage of London good delivery bars.. or general tightness in the PM markets…is nothing but a vestige of miners hedging.  Note that 1-mo GOFO is negative again right now.  

Others here at are starting to see this more clearly as well.  Whether I, and they, are right or wrong… I think everyone will agree that we all need to heighten our abilities to discern friend vs. foe, to rally around our communities and help each other by using our expertise, intellect, and yes, intuition (or pattern recognition skills), to expose propaganda.