Leadership education

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    Leadership education


Now this is where I diverge with some of the developing opinion on this site. I am still a firm believer in a college education. Even if it is a major in History or Philosophy or what-not. What college teaches you is HOW to learn. To only learn a vocation, even one that seems well suited for the "big change" that is professed to be coming our way – only teaches you to do – one thing. Or if you will, one TYPE of skill. A good four year college or University teaches you how to learn and explore – many things. Chris M. is a Dukie. There is little argument that Duke is a good school. His training taught him how to use the scientific method to draw conclusions. I am not meaning to minimize his innate talents – what I am saying is that proper training helped shape his God given talent.

With that said, I don’t mean the school has to be a Duke to be useful, but it really can’t be a diploma mill either. Simple high school vocational training should be reserved for those who that particular training fits their personal gifts.

Perhaps, college will return to its proper place. A place where one goes to learn how to learn, how to lead, and how to do; not just a place that one goes to get a diploma that is a "key" to a corporate J.O.B. Just Over Broke.



What you are describing is Leadership education and since there are quite a few homeschoolers on this site, I highly recommend "A Thomas Jefferson Education" by Oliver DeMille to see how you can start the process at home.

Many colleges (today) have chosen Professional education which teaches you a specialty but not necessarily How to Think. A good college will still do this, but many allow students to choose the fast track into a profession which focuses on just those particular studies, creating Expertise in one area … but doesn’t necessarily teach you how you can use your training elsewhere (i.e. How to think.)   

Paraphrased from the book: a leadership education has three primary goals – first to train thinkers, leaders, entrepreneurs and statesmen; second to perpetuate freedom by preparing people who know what freedom is and what is required to maintain it; and these 2 goals are accomplished by the third: teaching students How to Think.

In regards to the second goal above, one of the most frustrating experiences I have these days when I try to talk to people about what is going on (though, for the most part I’ve given up, realizing how few want to know) is how few people realize the freedoms we have lost just in the last 10 years. If people don’t even recognize when their freedoms are being taken away, how can they be motivated to fight for them!

~ s … who did not receive a leadership education, but somehow knows when my rights are being trampled on