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Lack of Evidence

  • Sun, Jul 03, 2011 - 09:56pm


    Aaron M

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    Lack of Evidence

Dude – you realize that “Lack of Evidence” denotes that you hold some special authority to dismiss issues based on your infallible knowledge, right?

What exactly is this special knowledge?
That you “find it rather” uncompelling? If that’s the case, and you can present no evidence to counter the literal mounds of evidence being presented here – go troll elsewhere! Simple!

If you *do not* possess some special knowledge – which you should promptly impart, if you do – you need to rebut Dr. Martensons Positions with evidence. Imagine that! You can do this (as was done in the Crash Course) with reputable, credible sources and information. Not your hunches, not your inclination, not because “meh, you’re just not convinced”.

If that’s the case – please, please, please – spend your valuable time elsewhere so we can continue to discuss important issues.
I, for one, would *love* to see a strong case against peak oil. If you have one, bring it on and we’ll discuss.

If not, stop trolling for attention here.