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Krugerrands are about $35

  • Thu, Dec 22, 2011 - 12:18am

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    Krugerrands are about $35

Thanks for the great input!

Krugerrands are about $35 less than eagles.  I realize there are a number of things the gubment can do, and taxing is easier than risking life trying to "nationalize" everyone’s personal holdings.  I paid the $35 per coin extra and got conversion to eagles before the rands were shipped to give me a little less stress on that risk factor if legal tender is exempted.  Also, when it comes down to it, coins might only be worth their amount of gold, but maybe the eagles will hold some of the premium.

I do NOT have any SLV or GLD, but DO have some mining ETFs: GDX and GDXJ and SIL.  Thank God for the second ammendment!  It might keep the gubment from going as far as it would without it!   BTW, I have also heard that safe deposit boxes will be easy pickins!

I especially like the idea of direct payment of PMs into real estate.  When the credit bubble bursts alongside the dollar bubble and bond bubble, real estate should plummet and be a good value compared to transfer out of the PM bubble.  Sounds great, but who knows how it will work out and what pitfalls to navigate!