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Keeping the ‘Wall Street’ in

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  • Sun, Oct 09, 2011 - 12:45pm

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    Keeping the ‘Wall Street’ in

Keeping the ‘Wall Street’ in focus in the Occupy Wall Street protests

Riffing off of Paul Krugman’s Friday column, Kevin Drum keeps the focus of Occupy Wall Street front and center with this simple graph.

Wall St rebound

He concludes:

Just keep reminding yourself: a mere three years after the financial industry nearly destroyed the planet, Wall Street is bigger and more profitable than ever while a tenth of the rest of us remain mired in unemployment. Even after nearly destroying the planet, virtually nothing has changed. That’s the outrage, not a few folks with funny costumes or wacky slogans. Always keep in mind whose side you’re on.

If you come across anyone still hung up on whether Occupy Wall Street has a coherent message, just show them that graph up there, and then show them this one.

% job losses 9 11

(Calculated Risk)