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just who are THEY trying to save/cull anyway?

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  • Tue, Nov 03, 2009 - 05:40am

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    just who are THEY trying to save/cull anyway?


Okay, I get where you’re going with this cull theory regarding the vaccine. I’m not ready to buy into it but I find the discussion interesting. A close friend of mine thinks along the lines of what Alex Jones has been saying.I’ve been entertaining these theories simply because 2 years ago I would (didn’t) believe I’d ever hear anything about forced vaccinations. Look where we are now not to mention the recent declaration of this being a State of Emergency. Too many things have come true to simply ignore the theories but I’m still questioning everything on all sides.

Just to entertain the idea, I don’t think that H1N1 or it’s vaccine is ‘the one’. Maybe it’s just a test run on how populations will receive (mandatory or voluntary) mass vaccinations. So the thought was that the vaccine might have something in it for the next virus that comes out so that those who have had this vaccine would be more prone to getting the new virus. As far as I understand this might be some of the thinking of the conspiracy theorists.

I was discussing this with my better half recently because she said she would get the vaccine if there weren’t using animal products (squaline contains shark oil) because she has asthma and tends to catch viruses easily despite our very healthy lifestyles. I have refused the vaccine because I haven’t fully weighed the risks and I just don’t trust that this toxic stew doesn’t have long term ill effects  (and just in case the theorists are rightTongue out).

During our discussions she said she just couldn’t buy the conspiracy theories because she doesn’t understand why TPTB would do this to their own populations. She did say she could understand that corporation could release a virus simply to make a profit off their ‘cure’ (think ADHD and depression and all of the drugs peddled to cure these ailments when dietary and lifestyle changes could easily remedy). She understands that there could be a conspiracy to cull a large portion of the world’s population but she just doesn’t understand why they’d do this to their own underlings rather than to doing this to the others.

This got me thinking… What if this vaccine might actually be a vaccine for what is to come? Perhaps the next virus is designed to wipe out anyone who didn’t get this vaccine (possibly combined with the last)?

Like you were thinking. Those who chose to avoid this vaccine are obviously non compliant members of the sheeple. Maybe they want to force vaccinations on the compliant populations because they are so willing to comply? Maybe they are the ones they want to save? All those who don’t comply in addition with entire population classes and countries that couldn’t afford the vaccine could be wiped out by the next big virus. It certainly would look a lot more legit and it would certainly be logistically easier to vaccinate the ones they want to save wouldn’t it? If this was some sort of genocide I really don’t think they’d be so dumb to be so blatant about it.

Just some thoughts that I’d like to hear your take on it.

On another note… I’d like to see a few more statistics regarding H1N1 and the vaccine. I’d like to see side by side the death toll from the virus, the death toll from complications due to the virus, and specifically the amount of people that have still caught the virus regardless of being vaccinated (also with those death tolls).

Last note… I have found it really annoying that my Canadian government has put out this recent campaign that says “recognizing H1N1”. What irked me is that it lists side by side the symptoms of a common cold vs H1N1. I just wished they would have listed either H1N1 vs seasonal Influenza or better yet, H1N1 vs seasonal Influenza vs common cold vs Norwalk virus.