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 Just showing the verbal

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  • Mon, Mar 28, 2011 - 01:43pm

    J Kovacs

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     Just showing the verbal


Just showing the verbal exchange between the past to what the future can be.  This entire concept that everyone is taken care of is the fundamental basis of The Family.  So if you are for the family you’re a communist now?  Picard would not be taking the Enterprise anywhere, the computer on board will be calculating where the enterprise Can go within the new laws of some universal regulating force, ex, you cannot go 10 miles from the sun, so the concept that Picard can go anywhere is regulated by natural laws and forces.  

Pretty sure that in the 24th century people are above the old childish labels such as communist, capitalist and so on, just like people today are realizing the BS in the Political Parties, no difference between the Republicans and Democrats or Sopranos vs Gambinos.  

No such thing as a perfect system, not sure why people keep bringing that concept up, just because you want to improve something does not mean it’s perfect or that you are a utopian.  I guess all those people who improve the computer are a bunch of crazy utopians right?