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Jbarney wrote:Hi, I trust

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  • Wed, Nov 02, 2011 - 05:32pm

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    Jbarney wrote:Hi, I trust



I trust CM’s view, and am very interested to read his specific thoughts on the coming troubles in Europe.  I HOPE that he does as was done back during the Japanese Earthquake fallout, he allows non paying members to examine/read his perspective fully.  I understanding paying members get the benefit of information first, but hopefully the rest of us get a chance to digest Chris’s concerns.

Not criticizing the paying/nonpaying system here, as I certainly have gotten a mountain of information and I am not a paying member.  Its just with the alerts, I’d like to read CM’s reasoning.



Lacking the public availability of this information from Chris (perhaps it’s coming but it’s not here yet), it would be interesting to pool together and see what we can come up with in terms of specific steps to take (and perhaps some analysis of the crisis).  It would be interesting to compare what we come up with to Chris’ thoughts if he chooses to make them public.

I’ll start.  First, Chris publicly mentioned getting extra cash out o the banks.  Safewrite and Sager mentioned topping of gas tanks, buying last minute items, etc.  

To that I would add:

  1. keep investing in community.
  2. buy some extra canned goods every time you’re at the grocery store.  Stop by the farmers market, buy and store some cabbages, potatoes, etc.
  3. I’m a bit less certain about investment advice.  I’m guessing it includes holding onto gold/silver, but since prices may dip for a few months or so, liquidate any amount you might need to have enough cash for the next few months.
  4. Make sure you have enough fuel for backup heating/cooking.
  5. Tune up your bicycle.

Any others?