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James Turk agrees…..

  • Fri, Apr 20, 2012 - 04:54am


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    James Turk agrees…..

“We’re making history here.  Gold stocks have never been this undervalued before.  We’ve had a 12 year bull market in gold, but we’ve also had a 15 year bear market in the mining shares that began with the Bre-X collapse.

It’s very rare in market history to see an outlier like this.  This is an extraordinary event.  Years from now we are going to look back and shake our heads in disbelief at how undervalued gold stocks were in 2012.

This 15 year downtrend and historic low has effectively destroyed the morale of virtually the entire gold mining investment community.  Psychologically, this has also had a tremendous dampening effect on the morale of those watching the gold bullion market.”