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I caught the Honey Badger Virus while taking Ivermectin as a Prophylaxis

I hear that the FLCCC recently changed their prophylaxis protocol from Ivermectin every other week to IVM weekly.

Were you taking IVM every other week?

Did you take the rest of the I-Mask+ protocol?

Did you have your vitamin D tested and corrected to near center of normal range prior to infection?

I’m not being critical; just sharing some thoughts for you and members.

My mid-80s parents and I got C19 around the beginning of April.  My 87yr old father and I responded so well to the supplements in I-Mask+ that we did not even take IVM even though we had plenty of it available.

My mother initially responded even better than we did to I-Mask+ without IVM.  She went from fatigue and cough one evening to asymptomatic the entire next day!  We were so impressed that we just assumed she did not have C19!.  They both later tested positive.  However the following morning my dad got the same symptoms and her’s gradually resumed.  She had stopped taking I-Mask+ : (  I was caring for them and got the same symptoms that evening.

My dad’s oximeter oxygen readings were never below average, never below 97.   My mom was at 94 one evening after she–for the THIRD time stubbornly stopped taking I-Mask+ after she had been doing well for a day.   The Honey Badger Virus would come roaring back if not taking I-Mask+

It was at that point that a dear friend with relatives in the Dominican Republic expressed shock and almost outrage that we were not providing IVM to my mother!  She explained that her relatives in the DR take it for prevention when exposed to someone.  None of them got sick.   That convinced my mom to start taking IVM.  She gradually improved with no additional setbacks from the virus.  Some combination of factors aggravated her A-Fib but the medical professionals only treated her heart.  There was no need to treat the virus on day 10.

My dad did get some long-hauler fatigue for a couple weeks but is getting close to normal now.  I could not convince him to take IVM for the long-hauler symptoms.

The deception from the medical leadership is so sad.  I respect this virus but science had ways to handle this pandemic rather well.   Greed for money and power cost 100’s of thousands of lives.

There is a huge amount of censorship of good science so we have to share it.