It was great meeting all of you

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    It was great meeting all of you

            This was my first Rowe experience. I was grateful for the opportunity to interact with an eclectic group of participants unified by a common concern for their future and the future of the world. The other highlight was being able to have conversations with Chris, ‘Becca and Adam. It was interesting in talking to participants that had been attending the retreat for almost a decade, noticing a shift from the singular focus on protecting their finances to now involving other forms of wealth or capital. The greatest challenge of most of the participants was the lack of social capital i.e. finding people in their immediate community that share similar concerns. A common experience in sharing concerns of an economic, energetic and environmental collapse with friends and loved ones, who have much to lose with the breakdown of the status quo, has been of denial or renunciation. What has also been so disconcerting is the ability of the globalists to continue perpetuating the illusion from a more truthful narrative. Admittedly at times, I begin to question my own paradigm, “Am I the crazy one?”

Why should I care what other people do? I’ll just take care of myself. The problem is during times of transition or crisis, people either act out of inspiration or desperation. Bad things happen when people act out of desperation, “every man for himself.” People just have to be made aware that there is an alternative.

How can the message be disseminated? In preparing for a presentation, I came across Steve Job’s 10 rules for success. One of the rules was to build around the customer i.e. not to expect the customer to go to where you are, but to go to where the customer is to reach them through their needs and desires. It is very difficult to dissuade someone that their paradigm is wrong when it is working for them. However, the ones that can be reached are those that for whom the paradigm no longer works. People have an inner knowing of the truth. Many deny it and rationalize continuing down the same path out of fear or ignorance. Reaching out to others starts with developing trust and compassion in the relationship. Messages from the heart, in addition, to facts from the intellect, reaches a far greater audience.

Another of Steve Job’s rules is to market around values. Nike is great at that; “Attitude is everything” or “Just do it.”  Instead of a primal message of fear, a message of inspiration engages a higher level of consciousness that can motivate in action. As “elders” of greater awareness, what are the values and mission that we, as Peak Prosperity members wish to impart to others?

Finally, a Steve Jobs’ rule is to build a great team. I would like to thank Dan Miner in his work to organize and harness the momentum of the Rowe Retreat. I was impressed with the innovative and interesting people at Rowe that have a lot to offer to others. Some of the participants started from very little, but were able to reach a state of self-sufficiency. How do you impart that knowledge to others? There were others with great expertise in renewable energy, finance or permaculture. No one can be an expert at everything. Instead of living in worry, by giving of ourselves, working together, and supporting each other, we can take action in “create a world worth inheriting.”