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Who Benefits And Who Suffers From Inflation And Hyperinflation?

The beneficiaries of high inflation include any individual or entity who has borrowed money at a fixed rate. High inflation also benefits investors who own commodities, and businesses that derive a significant portion of revenue from exports. Who loses with inflation? First, the overall economy suffers. Specifically, consumers lose purchasing power and their standard of living erodes. Lenders are also hurt as are those who need to borrow. The latter group suffers because lenders raise their interest rates to hedge against inflation. In short, money becomes much more expensive. Finally, import-oriented businesses struggle when inflation is high.

Hyperinflation, on the other hand, hurts almost everyone. It decimates the middle class. It can cause massive bank failures, especially banks with large amounts of outstanding fixed-rate loans. And, although borrowers who have a fixed rate loan do benefit, because prices on everything else are increasing so rapidly, any benefit from the loans is erased by the extreme cost of goods and services. There really are no winners with hyperinflation.